On the Issues

Mike’s experience makes him a tremendous advocate for Kentucky families and businesses. If elected to the open State Senate seat in District 38, Mike will hit the ground running on the issues that matter most.

Make our Communities a Budgetary Priority

This is a budgetary year at the Capitol, meaning our state leaders will hash out funding measures that affect our local communities. I have the experience and gumption to fight for our district and channel funds back home – funds that are needed for projects like traffic improvements and infrastructure.

Work against High Taxes and Unnecessary Burdens Placed on Working People

I myself am a long-time member of the working class. I have always believed that the power should be with the people and I will work to take pressure off of our working families. I am by no means a career politician. While I did briefly serve in office, I introduced a bill to limit politicians' terms in office. I relish the opportunity to cut the red tape on our local businesses and foster an environment ripe for job growth.

Living By Faith and Integrity: 100% Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment

My personal faith and conservative principles have led me to be an unwavering advocate for pro-life legislation. I was raised that all life is precious and I will support pro-life measures in Frankfort. I am also a conservative member of the National Rifle Association. In the past, I have received an A rating from the NRA and I will protect our rights from ignorant gun-grabbers.

Being a Friend to our Teachers Requires Better Resources and Attention

We have a long way to go when it comes to properly addressing classroom issues. Our teachers accomplish quite a lot with very little. More attention is needed to correct some of the issues that they face on a daily basis. After all, we trust our teachers with our greatest priority: our children’s wellbeing.

I will also work to pass legislation that protects our next generation from harm. In fact, when I first served in office, I sponsored legislation that focused on protecting our children from sexual assault. I also crafted legislation aimed at discovering education disabilities in young students, through early assessment and intervention.

Find Solutions to Our Healthcare Crisis and the Opioid Epidemic

Our overall health affects every aspect of our lives. We should absolutely not rely on the status quo when it comes to healthcare. If elected, I will work to provide better healthcare options for our local families.

We have all been touched in some way by the heroin epidemic. Addiction is devastating and does not discriminate. Goodness knows we’re barely scratching the surface when it comes to curbing this horrible disease. I support programs that provide paths to recovery for those seeking help and I also support harsher penalties for dealers.

Support Our Military, Veterans and Law Enforcement

I know a strong community includes our veterans and active military men and women. That is why I sponsored legislation that has established an Iraq and Afghanistan War Memorial. I will continue to do my best to ensure respect is given to our veterans. We must help them succeed after their service to our country is complete. I also believe we must support our law enforcement officers who actively make our communities a safer place.