Meet Mike Nemes

Mike Nemes knows the problems Kentuckians face every day. He understands what it’s like to be an employer and a worker; he’s been both a business owner and a union member. After 40-plus years in business, Mike ran for state representative to make Kentucky a better place to work and do business. He was later appointed to Kentucky’s Labor Cabinet, where he continued this mission of workforce development.

Mike Nemes is married with four children and six grandchildren. While in the private sector, he was a real estate investor. He also worked as a union employee and steward. He owned his own business and worked in construction as a project coordinator. In 2010, Mike was elected State Representative for District 38. By 2015, Mike was appointed second in command of the state’s Labor Cabinet.

Mike’s priority today is to use his experiences up at the Capitol, where he will fight to bring better opportunities to the people of Bullitt and Jefferson County.